Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Planning for the Plan

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer of the hot bubble bath.  Nothing like it to soak away the tension of a busy or stressful day.  I’m all for it.

But when I talk about Radical Self-Care, I’m envisioning a lifestyle.  I’m talking about radically changing my life to put myself first in order to take care of the people I love, do the job I’m meant to do, and give myself every opportunity to live the life I dream about.

And I can’t get that from a bubble bath.  At least, not for longer than 20 minutes.  Any longer than that and I just turn into a prune.

Understanding what’s good for me doesn’t necessarily translate into actual behaviors.  I get that.  In fact, I struggle with it every day, believe me.

Radical Self-Care is not the easy choice.  That’s why I have to have a plan.  

Once I sat down to put a plan together though, I didn't know where to start.  There were so many areas in my life I wanted to address.  Where did I want to focus first?  What was most important to me in terms of self-care?  How did I want to approach the new way I wanted to live in my world?  I felt like I was at a trailhead with all of those gazillion signs on one post, each leading in a different direction.

To begin with, I knew I needed to stick to the basics. 

First, I decided to define what I need, put a name on it.  I took a lot of self-care assessments similar to those I posted here and uncovered where I could use the most Radical Self-Care.   I knew this was important work, so I took my time with it.  I wrote about it.  I meditated on it.  I chewed on it.  I slept on it.  All those areas in my life that needed some attention, I decided to give them room to stretch and put their feet up.  I decided to stop fighting them.  I invited them in.  

And here’s what I discovered:  I wanted to take a more holistic approach and support myself in body, mind, and spirit - all at the same time.  For example: I’ve decided to focus on starting a meditation practice, completing my first 10K, and writing something every day.  These are the areas where I want to improve and enrich my life.  This is how I want to go about living my life in vivid color and not backing away from all that potential.

It’s definitely a work in progress and what I’m learning is this:  even Radical Self-Care won’t eradicate roadblocks, setbacks, or frustrations from my life.  But, what Radical Self-Care will do is support me when those obstacles get in my way and threaten to throw me off course, when the gray skies get to me and the color seems to have disappeared into gray tones.  With a plan, I can say to those barricades and to the dreary gray skies, “Oh hey, there you are, I’ve been expecting you.  Come on in if you like, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry than to pay attention to you.  I’ve got this big thing I’m working on that is far more important than whatever you’ve got to hand out.  So you just sit over there and hang out, stay as long as you like, but don’t get in my way.” 


  1. Hi, Tammy!
    I'm a bit confused about something. Is the PDF you send out when we sign up for your newsletter the same thing as the Blurb book?
    In either case, I would love to read it. :)

    Hope you are well.

    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks for asking. Yes, they are the same book. The only difference is that the PDF I send to you is complimentary. The Blurb book is a lovely printed version that I sell if you'd like a bound book that is more like a journal. Maybe download the freebie and see if it's something you'd like just to print on your own. Then you can decide if you'd like the "fancy" :) version. Hope that's helpful. Take care.

  2. Hi again, I've downloaded "the list" and the planning page, but where do I find that PDF? Can you post the link or send it to me? Thanks again!! I'm already on your mailing list for your blog so hopefully you can find my addy.

  3. If you sign up for my newsletter, the link will be sent immediately to you for the PDF of my book. Is that what you're looking for, Sandra?