Tuesday, September 12, 2017

From Blah to Aha

If you read my last post, you know I've uncovered some pretty big stuff that needed attention.  Next, I needed to find a solution.  I needed to get creative.  I needed to lose “I can’t” and “There’s no time / money for this”.  Because thinking this way has sabotaged my efforts in the past, and blocked my ability to create solutions.  Those thoughts also give lots of room for that negative self-talk to take up residence.

When coming up with my plan, I took another look at those areas that I wanted to support.  What does it feel like when I don’t move my body, take time to be quiet with my higher self, write it out?  I went there for a few seconds to let myself feel it.  Uncomfortable, yes.  But then, I imagined the polar opposite.  I was high on post-walk endorphins, inspired by being “in spirit”, and had a clear head ready for creative thoughts.  THAT is how I want to feel all the time.  THOSE are the feelings I want access to 24/7/365.  Now, how can I readily access those feelings?  What simple activities could transport me from blah to aha? 

For example, those days I can’t find my inspiration, my muse, I’m muse-less - this is one of the areas I often need to support.  When I’m uninspired, it’s nearly impossible to even think of writing something of substance, playing in my art journal, painting something.  And the longer my muse eludes me, the more miserable I become.  It’s a terrible spiral.  So, my go-to activity to get me out of that funk is to get out my journal and just write.  Purge on the page.  I don't have to have anything important to say, I just need to write.it.out.  Just putting my pen to the pages of my journal starts to wake up that muse of mine who’s been out collecting seashells or baking cookies or whatever it is she does when she’s not inspiring me.

And there I go, from blah to aha in about 30 minutes.  It’s awesome.

It’s incredibly important to have a plan.  Believe me, I learned this the hard way, over many, many years.  It's taken me a long time to get here, and a lot of frustration and tears.  But here I am, bruised and battered and all the better for it.  The huge aha for me is that I must actively plan my radical self-care rather than just hope it happens. It’s an active choice, and I’ve got to treat it that way.  I book it on my calendar and I tell people in my life that I’m on this journey in order to increase my commitment.  Then, I actively seek out opportunities to practice my radical self-care plan.

As you begin to create your own plan, remember this: radical self-care is a highly personal journey, so be sure to choose those activities that truly flip your skirt.

Unlike ordinary self-care (taking a bubble bath, heading to the beach for a weekend), radical self-care does more than just feel awesome in the moment.  It transforms us.  It transforms the way we view ourselves.  It increases our capacity to handle future stress, and it opens our minds and hearts to possibilities we couldn’t see before.

I know, right?  This is RADICAL!

Radical self-care is all about establishing habits and thought processes that will empower us and make us feel more in control of our lives.  It’s changing my life every single day.  And if any of this is inspiring you to make the commitment to putting yourself first, to embarking on your own journey of radical self-care, think about downloading my Radical Self-Care Plan template and getting started.

This may be a huge paradigm shift for you.  I know it was for me.  This is a lifestyle change.  This is about creating the life of your dreams and living it today.  Yes, today.  It is waiting for you.  Your Radical Self-Care Plan can’t wait to meet you!

This is my plan.  I’ve got sub-steps to each of these categories that I carry along with me all the time in my planner.  I haven’t integrated all of it yet, baby steps, but I’m making progress and I know I’m on the right path.  It’s a journey.  A delicious journey that is all mine.  


What do you think?  Are you ready to start your journey to Radical Self-Care?  You can grab a journal and start writing out what your Radical Self-Care Plan might look like.  If you like, download my Radical Self-Care planning template.  I’ve also created a ginormous list of Radical Self-Care activities and ideas to get you started and your creative juices flowing.  You can download it here.

Oh, I just can’t wait to hear how this goes for you.  Please check in from time to time and let me know about your journey towards Radical Self-Care.  I’ll do the same.  This is big.  This is important.  And it is so, so good to have cheerleaders, supporters, and partners in crime.  Sending you lots of good juju as you get started.  Enjoy, enjoy.  Yay you!


  1. I want to. But I'm afraid. I have been known to make plans and goals and then utterly drop them (read: fail). I'm not very well organized, for e.g. When I took the quiz and saw the part about my home being a comfortable place, my heart sank. My house is half-hoarderville. It's not entirely my stuff; I'm married. I get so discouraged just trying to clean up a table that I keep walking away.

    So yeah, I love the idea of this...but I'm scared.

    1. I totally hear you, Sandra. I'm the Queen of Not Finishing. But it's not a failure to miss deadlines or plans. I feel like it just means I've got big ideas, I'm just not ready to execute on them yet. And while it's hard, and if feels like some sort of failure, I try to be gentle with myself. What if you tried this next time: let's say a deadline passes, or you've got an idea that never moved from idea stage into doing stage. Instead of seeing that as a failure, is there one small piece of that goal you could tackle? Instead of cleaning off an entire table, what if you just sorted through one pile on the table? Start with four grocery bags: one for toss, one for recycle, one for donate, one for keep. Then "file" that pile accordingly. Who knows, that little bit of action may inspire you to do even more. Baby steps - I know that's what got me here. It's a work in progress. Good luck! When you get that first pile sorted and out of the house, let me know. Cheering you on from here!

  2. thanks, Tammy, for your kind words. I've got four boxes of art supplies to donate...sitting in my art room for two years. I just can't seem to get myself going. Doesn't it sound simple to just put them in the car and drive them to the Salvation Army? But something is holding me back.

    Still, I'll have to try *something*.