Thursday, August 24, 2017

15 Reasons You Need Radical Self-Care

Self-Care and Wellness

I don’t know about you, but when life gets crazy busy any attempt at self-care, radical or otherwise, is the first thing to be sacrificed.  Ironically, it’s at those busiest times when I need self-care the most.  It just seems like more of an indulgence than a necessity.  Do you find that too?  

Self-care is not selfish.  It is self-full.

This is my mantra.  I have it on a sticky note in my day planner, on a second sticky note on my computer, and on a third sticky note on the front of the fridge.  Those are three places I’m in front of every day.  So, when the day starts to spin out of control, I’m scurrying about like a whirling dervish, and late to everything, at some point I will be in my day planner, at my computer, or looking in the refrigerator for a snack (or, let’s get real, a big glug of wine) and, voila, there will be my reminder: 

Slow down, T.  Fill your cup.  Self-care is self-full.  

And that’s when I take three deep breaths to slow my heart rate a little bit.  I replace the bottle of wine (for now) with an apple.  And I sit in my garden for a minute.  Or I go for a walk around the block.  Or I listen to a podcast or read a chapter in my trashy novel.  I fill my cup.  Then, I’m better able to move on to the next thing that needs my attention.

Self-Care and Wellness

Here’s what happens when we don’t make time for self-care: b-u-r-n-o-u-t.

Burnout, excessive or prolonged stress, reduces productivity, zaps your energy, and if ignored, can lead to physical and emotional concerns.  Who needs that?

What I’ve learned is that when I take time for my self-care plan, I actually have more energy to carry me through my to do list.  Just like we’ve got to put gas in the car, we need to refuel our bodies, minds, and spirits with self-care.  A radical idea, I know.  But trust me, bringing more balance to your daily routine will help you be more productive and more resilient to stressors.

Self-Care and Wellness

How do you know you’re in need of some radical self-care?  See if any of these resonate for you:

  1. You are burning the candle at both ends
  2. You think putting yourself first is selfish
  3. You can’t relax; things feel like they’re spinning out of control
  4. You’re the Queen of Negative Self-Talk
  5. You can’t delegate because no one lives up to your perfectionist standards
  6. Fast food is on your list of the basic food groups
  7. You can’t find time to exercise
  8. You don’t get enough sleep
  9. You get too much sleep
  10. You don’t listen to your body; you don’t even know it’s talking to you
  11. You constantly feel overwhelmed
  12. You’ve become extremely critical of yourself
  13. You can’t remember the last time you did nothing
  14. You get annoyed easily or have less patience than usual
  15. Me time?  What’s that? (‘Nuf said.)
Self-Care and Wellness

Give yourself point for each "yes".  
8 points or more - Congratulations, you are a Radical Self-Caretaker!  
3-7 points - You are well on your way to Radical Self-Care.  Keep up the good work, and see where you can add even more jewels to your Radical Self-Care tiara.
0-2 points - All is not lost, sweet thing.  There are plenty of ways to get your Radical Self-Care groove on.  Watch for future posts with a gazillion ideas to get your Radical Self-Caretaking groove on!

If you want to dig a little deeper, visit my Start Here page for a free download.

Well, how did you do?  Are you a Radical Self-Caretaker?  Ready to fill your cup with a little more Radical Self-Care?  Or is it time to get your Radical Self-Care groove on, sister?  What did you find out about yourself?  What changes could you make today to improve your score?

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