Sunday, October 27, 2013

Changing Seasons

I took this picture the other morning.  It was so pretty out.  We've had the most gorgeous Indian summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  I've been driving topless in sunny warm weather.  This weekend we've had cooler temperatures and a sprinkle or two of rain.  I thought I would resent it, but I surprised myself by making a pretty simple transition.  So thankful for that.  There's sunshine in the long range forecast, so that helps make the changeover into autumn a little easier to take.  

Right now, it's shortly after noon.  I've showered and gotten right back into my jammies.  It's sort of a lazy Sunday around here, which I sort of dig every now and again.  Especially when the day is a little grey.  And drippy.

I find the best way for me to combat the blues as the days grow shorter and darker is to spend an afternoon in the kitchen cooking comfort food.  And I love to try new recipes.  My Beloved surprised me with a lovely new 3-1/2 quart Le Creuset casserole.  I'm in love.  With the casserole...however, My Beloved ain't too shabby either.  Haha.  Anyway, I've had the Silver Palate New Basics Cookbook forever.  And I have a few favorites that I go to over and over again.  But I decided to do something different.  Break in the new casserole and all.  So I did the Polenta, Sausage, and Tomato Sauce casserole.  Oh. My. NERVES!  Comfort in a Casserole, that is for sure!  Try it.  You won't be sorry.  Super easy to put together, and delish with a simple green salad and a slice of rustic bread to sop up the saucy goodness.  Yummers.

 It's also a good time for cozying in with a little bit of handstitchery.  But, then, you know me...when isn't a good time for a little cozy handstitching?  I do love it.  This is a piece I created as a sample for my Boho Art Quilt online class at Joggles.  We just finished up the class, but if you missed it, don't despair, I'll be offering it again right here, after the holidays.  The foundation for this piece is a vintage cutter quilt, which is super fun to work with.  The trick is to make the first cut into the quilt.  It always breaks my heart a little bit, especially when the quilt is entirely handstitched, as this one was.  But, it was so worn and full of holes, beyond repair.  So, I look at it as giving an old quilt new life.  This piece is a series of three, soon to be four, appliqued and embroidered wallhangings.  Making treasures out of treasures.  Always a good thing.

Tell me, sweet friend, how are you spending your Sunday?


SoozieSuzy said...

The change of season often comes with a tinge of sadness but I find the older I get the more I relish the changes and also the more comfortable I am with saying "so what if it is summer I do not want to garden today and am happy to stitch indoors." Your blog is lovely.
PS I am reminded of you everytime I open my sewing cupboard and see the embellished heart I made hanging inside the door. Your class last year was so much fun, thank you.)

Linda said...

I'm so glad to hear you'll be offering the class again. I just found it the other day on Joggles but it was too late to sign up. Something to look forward to after the holidays!