Saturday, March 2, 2013

Studio Vignettes

There is a lot going on in my studio.  What I mean is, I've got a lot of treasures, little vignettes of sweet little goodies that I've collected, made, or been gifted.  I love to have these things around me in my creative space.  Makes me happy.

I love looking up from the journal page I'm painting or the bit of fabric I'm stitching and see a post card that my great Auntie Jeanne sent me from Paris when I was a little girl.  Or the bit of embroidered fabric brought to me from Africa by a friend.

 Les bonbons, et la Tour Eiffel.  Oh, the places you'll go.  I hope I don't run out of baker's twine!

Oh.  Yours truly.  Circa 1964.  My grandparents' pool.  Wish I still had that bathing cap!

 Orbs.  Fun little fabric balls topped with a yoyo.  I have a huge basket of them that I made for an event.  I sold about half of them.  This is the other half.  I keep thinking I'll list them on Etsy, but I love having them in my studio.  They tickle me.

Just a shot of a little shelf.  My grandfather owned three Coca Cola bottling plants when I was little.  This is one of the promotional glasses from his time there.  I filled it with "happy tubes" - little test tubes I filled with glittery goodness and topped with ribbons and millinery flowers.  Each one has a little message on it: dreams, magic, wishes...

 Uh huh.  That's me.  I just love a shadow box for holding tiny treasures, don't you?

 Studio Assistant, Kip.  Taking a break.  Come to think of it, he's always taking a break.  Oh, and you can see the orbs in their natural habitat just to the side.  It's a five-tiered basket, each holding several layers of orbs.  So fun.

In case I forget my name, it's right on my bulletin board.  Thank heavens.

This is an assortment of silk threads and a pin cushion from my grandmother's sewing room.  Love love love.

Oh joy!  A pile of my favorite vintage buttons.  Couldn't you just eat them?

A glittery little wish ball I made a hundred years ago.  

Some of my vintage fabric stash.  I found this old kitchen drawer at The Rebuilding Center, where I go when I need big treasures, like doors and drawers.  It was already this lovely eggshell creamy color.  I added the glass drawer knob (which I broke in the process and it is now carefully held together by superglue and a prayer) and lined it with vintage book pages and modpodge.  Now it sits on a table for easy access (and cuteness).  I love it when my studio is tidy and clean.  It's not this way very often, which is why I share it now.  In another 30 minutes, it could go to hell in a handbasket.  Happy weekend!

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Anne D said...

I love your studio!

The orbs are nifty, I may have to make some myself. I could put lavendar in them. Hmmmm, there aren't enough hours in the day!