Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Bloomers

Happy first day of Spring everyone! 

Don't you just love springtime?  I love springing forward the clocks, and the first warm-ish days are my favorite.  I go through the house and throw open all of the windows.  It feels so good to get some fresh air into the house after the long, grey winter.  Here are some of my other favorite springtime things:

Farmers Market opening day

Pulling weeds - yes, really!  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  Plus, it means long afternoons in the garden are just around the corner.

Lighting soft floral candles on spring evenings

Making big pots of spring vegetable soups
Walking to my neighborhood coffee house or brewpub for a little somethingsomething
Field trips to the nursery, planning the garden
Buying new flipflops
Stitching lazy daisies onto white linen.  And speaking of stitching, this image is my finished Spring Bloomers stitchery kit.  You can stitch it, too, if you like.  Get yours here.

Welcome Spring.  I am so ready for you!

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