Monday, March 11, 2013

Journal Keeping

I keep a journal.  I'm dedicated to it in fits and starts.  I'll go through very prolific periods when I writewritewrite, and at other times will not crack the spine for weeks.  It all depends on my mood, my schedule, lots of things.  I'd like to be more consistent with it, but I'm not.  And it's okay.  My journal is always there, ready for me when I feel ready.

But I do like to have one ready when inspiration does call.  I buy 5x7 or 6x9 spiral bound sketch books, then embellish them with photos and quotes and gobbledygook and doodads.

I tuck little pep talks in between the pages so that I will find them later.

I add doodles when I can't think of anything to write.

I doodle more than I write sometimes.  Haha.

I love opening up to pages that are really pretty, and have lots going on before I even write down the first word.  When I'm not sure where to start, often there's something already there that will spark a conversation.

The more layers, the more quotes, the more inspiration, the better.

This is a postcard that I attached at the top with washi tape.  When I flip it up, I can write something top secret underneath. 

I'm in journal mode right now, which I credit to my studio finally being tidy and organized.  It's actually fun to be in there, AND I know where everything is.  I don't know how it gets so out of control sometimes, but man, it sure does.  The photo above is a journal page that features a photo from a trip to Seattle, which I printed out from my computer onto canvas paper (get it at Michaels, Joann, etc).  Then I attached it on three sides with fabric tape, making a little pocket (for more top secret notes).

Sometimes I just add stuff in that makes me laugh.  Every time I open to this page, I also throw my head back and laugh.  I do!

What I find is this: when I just wrote in a blank book, that was it.  I never went back and read anything I wrote.  Now that my journals have this yummy, lovely, pretty visual aspect, I love going back to look at the pages and read what I was doing three weeks, six months, a year and a half ago.  I think it helps me get back on track if I've lost my way, and helps me appreciate how much I've accomplished, regardless of my inner arguments about getting nothing done.

But these are my favorites.  The sweet little notes of love that I write to myself, and tuck into tiny envelopes and pockets, pressed between the pages.  Those I often go back to read.  They remind me to be gentle with myself, and to laugh at myself.  Really good reminders.  Hope your week is off to a creative and fun start, friends.  Thanks for popping in.

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bohemiannie! art said...

Your journal Does look so interesting and pretty and inspiring. Keep at it! Well...until something else strikes your fancy!