Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Sweet Teacup to Stitch

Looking around my house for something to stitch, I remembered my teacups.  They were my grandmother's.  I have a fantasy about a glorious tea party happening in my garden, everyone with a lovely and delicate teacup filled with jasmine tea, little finger sandwiches of cucumber and basil, and sweet petits fours.  Must get that on the calendar. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd sketch a teacup as a stitchery motif.  I have other fantasies involving hand stitched tea towels and tea cozies.  Hahaha.

 With my drawing finished, it seemed sort of lonely in my art journal...

...so I added a few little doodads, vintage wallpaper, washi tape, a watercolor wash...it seemed happier when that was finished.  I traced my drawing onto paper, so that I could tape it to the window and trace it again onto my linen.  (I don't always start in my art journal when I'm sketching stitchery designs.  I most often go straight to paper and pencil.  But this was Sunday, and the day seemed to long for a slower, more thoughtful process.)

The advantage to sketching in my art journal was that I was able to audition colors for my teacup, which was truly my motivation.  I was tickled pink with my palette and duplicated it onto the linen with embroidery floss.  Even if you don't sketch in your art journal first, you can audition colors on your paper sketch prior to stitching.  I find this results in less stitches pulled out later.   I hate that.

And here's my finished stitchery.  I thought you might like to stitch it, too, so I've created a free downloadable stitchery pdf for you.  Just click on the image in my right sidebar, and you'll be directed to my website (which hasn't officially launched yet, but you'll get a sneak peak!) where you can download A Sweet Teacup to Stitch.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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Connie O said...

I love this little tea cup, and it's time for me to take a tea break! I will download the pattern as doing some embroidery after so many years sounds like fun.

Thank you for sharing, Tammy!

Connie O'Hara
Whidbey Island