Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Granny Update

I've been granny-ing it up, and I'm creating quite a pile.  Sadly, it will be a very long time before I have a stack big enough for an afghan.  It's definitely not an "instant gratification project". 

Funny, though, that I don't mind not having an end in sight.  I find that I pick up my crochet hook and yarn when I need a little something rhythmic to do.  I really like making grannies, and mixing up the colors in my yarn palette means that there's not total repetition in the process.  I mean, yes, each granny has four rounds, and those are all created alike.  But the variance in color is keeping me from boredom. 

The fact that I don't have a deadline for this particular project is really lovely.  I can be relaxed as I granny-along.  Every now and then I'll stop and stack them up, just to see my progress.  For visual purposes only...not to stress myself out.  Haha.  I love having a project, just for fun.  What are you playing around with today?

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pinkfluffywarrior said...

Hi, your grannies look lovely! I enjoy having something to pick up and put down at will. It's a bonus as they're mobile too!!! xxx