Monday, January 28, 2013

Pillow Goodness

I'm like the little bad girl with the curl.  When I'm good, I'm very, very good.  When I'm bad, I'm...well, late mostly.

Over the past few weekends, I've been stitching up these pieced pillows for my niece and nephews.  Whom I adore.  Lovelovelove.  I have one niece and four nephews.  They are all awesome, and all very much their own people.  I love watching them grow up.  I can't believe my first nephew has just been accepted to university and will leave us in the fall for Manhattan!  And my youngest nephew started middle school last fall, and loves sports sports sports.  My niece is adorable and plays softball and loves her girlfriends.  My second nephew is growing into a really cool guy and is a nationally ranking rock climber.  My third nephew is smartsmartsmart and did I mention smart.

We all live here in the Portland area, so we get to see each other fairly often.  They have such busy lives, but family is important to my sis and brother and I, so we make it a priority to get us all together regularly.  And, I'll just say it out loud.  They're all pretty crazy about Aunt T.  :)

So, the very good auntie had a brilliant idea to make big, fun pillows for all the kiddlywinks for their birthdays.  Last year.  Last year.  Mmm hmm. 

I just got them done.  For their birthdays.  Last year's birthdays.  Very bad auntie.  Latelateverybadauntie. 

But, as these things go, better late than never.  And I could tell they were really quite pleased with their pillows, as I gave it to each one of them.  Their auntie loves them.  That's what sticks.

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Anne D said...

You're a wonderful auntie!

I had to go look this up, because you reminded me:

It was Mae West who said, "When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better. "

So there, life! (Which is my mantra at the moment.)