Monday, December 10, 2012

Vintage Putz Houses at Christmastime

I have loved putz houses, also called "glitter houses" since I was a little girl.

 They've been around for about 100 years (I haven't been around quite that long).

   Putz houses have traditionally been used in Christmas villages...

...and hung as ornaments on Christmas trees.

 Usually made from cardboard, they've also been made of old Christmas cards - perhaps some of the first creative recycling!

My houses are indeed vintage, purchased at estate sales and antique stores. I carefully sand them in preparation for new coats of paint.

 I replace tired trees with vintage bottle brush trees from antique model train sets and Christmas villages.

Then I add angels, gnomes, snowmen - also all collected from my vintage treasure hunts.

I embellish with greenery at the roofline.  Finally I glitter with mica flakes and german glass glitter.

As you can see, they involve many steps and a lot of work, but they are a labor of love.  If you've got the time, and the patience, they are so worth the effort.

And now we have a glittery gnome camp and angel village under our tiny tree. 

If you are as in love with these as I am, but find your time at a premium this holiday season, you are welcome to some of my little glittery putz houses.  They are on sale now at my Etsy shop.  But don't wait, I've had two large orders come through already!  :)  Merry, merry, hohoho.

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Diary of a jazz widow said...

That's so gorgeous. Well done!!!