Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spode Christmas Tree

One of my favorite Christmas things is breaking out the Christmas Spode.

I started collecting it when I was in college. I studied for a term in Provence. While I was there, I also spent a week in London. And that took me to Harrod's (a blog post on its own!)

I bought a few pieces of Spode Christmas Tree for me and a few others for my mom and took it home. And that started a fun collection that we shared. The day after Thanksgiving, Meier & Frank (now Macys) would run a 40% off coupon, and we rushed over there to get our Spode fix. We would shop together for new pieces, always taking care not to duplicate, and swapped back and forth over the years, based on entertaining needs. Makes me smile remembering that.

What about you? What memories are triggered by some of your favorite Christmas treasures?

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Krissy said...

I loved that Christmas tradition. Tammy, I didn't even know that you were the one who started it. This photo makes me want one of your HBRs in a Spode cup right now! Luv ya, K