Monday, December 3, 2012

I Call Them Ravioli Ornaments

 We got our Christmas Tree this weekend.  Fun!!  Don't you just love the way it makes the house smell?

 We're headed to New Orleans for Christmas in a couple of weeks - Happy yule, y'all! - so I'm not doing much in the way of decorating.  Really, just the tree and a few favorite things around the house. 
 But since I made all of these sweet ornaments for my Etsy shop, rather than store them in my studio until they are shipped out, I decided to just hang them on the tree.  Clever girl.

These white linen ornaments I'm calling "the ravioli ornaments".  If you've ever made ravioli from scratch (or like me, seen it done on The Food Network!), it was sort of the same process.  

 I just love the way they look with all of the lights (500 of them on our 3' tree!) and with my holly leaf and stitched tree ornaments.  And, yes Virgina, you can get them all on Etsy if you need one or two of them for your very own tree.

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Sandra L. said...

Never made ravioli, but I have made cappelletti by hand! Probably similar.

I love your little ornaments and your tree. I opted for a small tree this year, but a *gasp* fake one.

Happy Holidays!