Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Toile Candy Cane

I've been making pillows this holiday season, just for fun.  I thought I'd post a few of them here.  This toile candy cane is simple to make.  You can find a template for the candy cane here.  (It got cut off on my scanner, but not by much.  Simply add desired length at the bottom.) 
  1. Cut out two candy cane shapes from the template, 
  2. then sew them together, leaving the bottom open.  
  3. Clip the curves, 
  4. then turn it right side out, 
  5. and stuff with fluff.  
  6. With a whip stitch, sew the opening at the bottom closed. 
  7. I added some wired laurel leaves around the "neck" as embellishment.  That's it! 
I also made a simple pillow cover with vintage barkcloth in a red and green floral pattern and covered a down pillow with it.  I think it makes a very festive background for my toile candy cane.  Very jolly indeed.

1 comment:

Anne D said...

Making pillows? Sounds like you're nesting.

The candy cane is too cute!