Monday, September 17, 2012

Paint in my Hair

I've been playing around with paint, painting up my doodles.  The same doodles that I was stitching all last winter, but they look very different in paint.  It's such a fun transition.  I love seeing the change in the design from medium to medium.

Plus, I just love the mess!

This piece is a little more muted in colors than my typical painting, but I sort of dig it, for a change.  I stitch mostly on white linen, as you know, so I thought I'd try a more neutral paint background.  (Just so you know, I did paint a layer of hot pink first!  Haha.  Then I covered it with a bit of eggshell, so there are little pops of pink peeking out in spots.  I can't help myself.)

This is a mini-canvas, just 4"x4".  I wanted to play with an encaustic finish, laying melted beeswax over the completed painting.  I have been dying to see how this will work.  Guess what?  I adore it!  It feels so good, and the beeswax is so fun to work with.  (Tip: heat gun = my new best friend.  Makes beeswax very forgiving.)

 I got daring, and tried the same process on a larger piece.  This one is a 9"x12" canvas board.  I just love how the beeswax takes to the bright paint colors and dials them down a notch in a warm, fuzzy, muted way.  (Think vaseline over a camera lense.)  The finished piece, with beeswax is above...

...and this is the painting in progress. It's really hard to tell the difference in the photos, but let me just say, when the beeswax cooled, I squealed something like this: "oh my NERVES! I LOVE THIS!".  Fun.

Still time to follow my blog and enter the drawing...

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Anne D said...

Mess, maybe. Joyful, definitely. Make a joyful mess!