Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Teaching Treasure Nests in the San Juan Islands

So fun!!  One of my favorite classes AND a road trip!  I feel like I won the lottery!

I love making these little fabric nests.  I use them throughout our house for collecting little tidbits and keeping them organized.

Plus, hello?  They're just pretty, right?

So, the class?  I'm teaching through Wild at Heart Studios in Friday Harbor.  I've never been, so I'm super-excited!  It looks like an adorable little town.  Must schedule an extra day, just to poke around town while I'm there.

I'll be teaching Treasure Nests March 9-10, 2013, and the workshop is held at Earthbox Inn & Spa.  It looks FAB!  It's a two-day workshop, which gives us lots of time to create and embellish a nest or two.  Hey, I'll even feed you lunch!  :)


Class description:  I call it nesting; that urge to surround myself with all of my little treasures and all the things I love.

These sweet little nests are made from scraps of your favorite fabrics, bits of yarn, and then embellished with your wonderful tiny treasures. After that, use them to store your crafty doo-dads, hold your jewelry, or sit on your coffee table with a stack of love notes and colorful postcards. Treasure Nests are the perfect little happy place to showcase your bits and baubles and to stash your goodies.

This is the treasure nest on the little table next to my sewing chair. 

Each student will leave class with one completed Treasure Nest, brightly colored and embellished with lots of your fun little treasures.  Since we've got two whole days together, it's possible to get more than one nest completed!

It would be so fun to have you along!  To register, or for more information, click here.

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