Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Art Journal Goodness

My paint mojo is niggling at me.  I've been doodlingdoodlingdoodling with markers in my art journal, and  my fingers are itching to throw paint at a canvas.

And, speaking of art journals, I always have several going at once, and use them for different things.  When I first embarked on my art journal habit, I had just one and mostly I used it to doodle up different designs and drawings with markers.  Just play.  No pressure.  As pages started to come to life, they would sort of talk to me: "Hey, I'd be really cute all appliqued and stitched onto felted wool".  Or they might scream, "Paint me, paint me, please paint me".

Well, since I do like to create in lots of different ways, it began to make sense to me to have a stitch journal and a paint journal along with my original doodle journal.  That gave me books with pages of inspiration when the stitch bug bites or the painting mojo kicks into high gear.

I'd be perfectly happy to spend each and every day in my sunny studio, just doodling in my art journal, then waiting for the muse to whisper "My dear, that simply must be painted", or perhaps a little more forcefully, "What are you waiting for? Stitch that up, immediately!".  And then go about doing just that.

Duty calls, however, and there is a job to get to, groceries to be bought, a dog to be walked.  So, I sneak doodletime in whenever I can, so that when I have a bigger chunk of uninterrupted (haha) time, I can get straight to the studio and paints. 

 I also have "journals-to-go" - the ones that I throw into my bag so that when I find myself alone in a coffee house with a big latte and a muffin, I have something fabulous to read.  They also have blank pages so that I can write down every little detail about what's going on in said coffee house.  Makes for lovely story fodder later.  So, that's what's going on here.  What's happening at your place?

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