Friday, August 10, 2012

Posy Post #9

 I've been doodling.  Playing in my art journal.  I haven't been paying enough attention to my inner doodler, the girl who wants to play with markers in pretty colors, making little pictures.  I finally gave in to her when she threw a tantrum, screaming "doodle or die!"  She can be ghastly.

There are so many artists out in the creative world who inspire me.  Every day.  And what I see is that they are devoted to a daily art journaling practice.  There are so many, many things I would like to accomplish as an artist.  But, like anything else, all of those dreams and aspirations come from a daily practice.  And for me, that means playing in my art journal.  For a writer, it's a daily writing practice.  For a chef, daily kitchen time.  And on and on it goes.  Who knew that allowing myself to doodle  every day would be a difficult goal to achieve?  It just feels so much like playing, and not like I'm "working" at my art.  But, when you're doing what you love, it shouldn't feel like work, right?  It's just all so hard to sort out.  I almost feel guilty, dreaming of (and working towards) being a full-time artist.  Like it's not a "real job" or some such nonsense.   The little doodler has an evil sister who also screams things like "you aren't an artist!" or "you'll never be able to make your living this way!"  Oh, those two can be just downright nasty.  And hard to ignore.  Fortunately, I also have a kinder, gentler voice that says things like "you have everything you need, and you know exactly what to do".  Because she is a kinder and gentler voice, sometimes its hard to hear her over The Screaming Mimi's.

Mmmm...yummy colors.  I pulled that image from the internet when I googled "rainbow colors".  I'm sorry to say that the origin of the photo was not cited (makes me so mad when that happens), but I loved the palette so I printed out the photo.  When I pulled out my art journal the other day, I found the photo in my "inspiration pile" (exactly what it sounds like), then matched up my Copic markers to create a palette to work with on my blank page.  Doing that really helps me get started.  Sometimes a blank page in my art journal can make me a deer in headlights.

And then I got to playing.

And can I just say how much I love the Copic blender pen??!  It just sort of makes everything better.  I'm in love with my Copics, love the colors, love their intensity.  And that blender pen?  It sort of works a little bit of magic, blending the "marker lines" together - do you know what I'm talking about? And when I lay colors over each other, the blender pen sort of morphs them all together so that they don't look like layers, but like they all were meant to be together.  It's magic.  If you use Copics and haven't discovered the blender pen, get one and give it a try.  You won't be sorry.

I also really like the Sharpie paint pen in white for adding highlights, as well as a black gel penThis one is my favorite right now, for little doodle highlights and for writing.  Anyway, playing.  It's very fun. 

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