Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Posy Post #14

A month or so ago, I was the luckyluckylucky winner of this FABulous print from Teresa McFayden.  I've been a fan of Teresa's for a long, long time.  I've taken her e-workshops as inspiration and motivation for my own art.  But what she's doing lately is blowing.me.away.  Her paintings are truly gallery-worthy and I'd not be surprised that she'll be announcing her first gallery opening soon.  Any gallery that represents indie artists, folk artists, new and emerging artists, would be lucky to have her.  And it would be such an inspiration to me to see that happen for her.  And, the Queen of the Forest has a lovely bouquet of posies!  Perfect addition to my posy-a-day roster!!

In the meantime, I'm playing with framing ideas for my print.  Her Majesty will hang in my studio/gallery to inspire my own greatness-in-waiting.  Thanks so much, Teresa, for the print and for the inspiration!  xo

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