Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I dug into my bead stash the other day and have had such fun making baubles.  It's good for me to switch gears a little bit...keeps the creative juices flowing.  When I get stuck in one medium, I start something else completely different.  It would be so easy just to say, "Screw it, my mojo has run out of gas",  pour myself a glass of wine, and watch When Harry Met Sally for the 8,064th time.  But I can do that any old time, so I switch gears to see if I can keep on creating.  Usually, I can trick myself into it.  :)

Like now. 

I love to create a handful of earrings first, because they go so fast. And from there I design go-withs: a necklace, a bracelet, whatev. 

I haven't sat down with the intention of solely creating a bunch of jewelry in a long, long time, so this has been really fun!  I forget how much I love to put colors and shapes and textures together.  It's kindergarten all over again!!  Fantastic!  How about you?  What are you up to?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bus Stitches

I started riding the bus into work a few months ago.  Why did I not think of this before??  It's fantastic!  I don't give a rip about how bad the traffic is, or at what rate we're moving.  I just know that when I get on the bus at this time, it will let me off at that time, and I'll get to the gallery on time.  Brilliant.

Also, it gives me about an hour of uninterrupted knitting (or reading on my Kindle - a new bussing-related purchase).  With two hours round-trip each weekday, this lacy little wrap should be finished in time for cooler evenings this fall. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Play: permission granted

I have been dying to get out the paints again.  I have had some very fun images in my pea brain, rattling around all summer.  But, sometimes it's hard for me to give myself permission to just play around.  Seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world, to just sit down at my work table and play in my art journal.  It just seems that there are other things I "should" be doing. 

Finally, a few weeks ago, dirty dishes in the sink and dust on every surface in the house, I went into my studio and closed the door.  Cranked up the tunes and played.

I've been wanting to make my own stamps from wine corks (I mean, I have PLENTY of them!) and from these rubber blocks I found at collage

I sketched some shapes and designs onto them, and using tools I found along side the rubber block thingies, I started carving the shapes into the rubber and corks.  So fun!  Messymessygoodfun!!  I tested out each stamp until I got it Goldylocks-just-right.

Then I shifted gears, and got out my art journal and paints.  More good fun.

I just added layers and layers of paint and stamped shapes.


I was inspired by some of the vintage kimono fabrics in my stash.

I tried distressing the pages a bit with walnut ink.  Turns out, a little goes a long way.  Need to develop a bit of finesse with that. 

I ran to the kitchen for a Diet Dr. Pepper and some chocolate :) and came back with cookie cutters, too.  I just dipped those in a bit of paint for another little layer of interest.

I need to play around with the technique a bit more, but I really like the way it's going so far.