Sunday, March 4, 2012

Keeping Myself In Stitches

Oh my little needle and thread, how do I love you?  Let me count the ways. 

If you've been visiting my blog long enough, you know that I dabble in all sorts of stuff.  I play with papers, I paint with pretty colors, I string bright glass beads and baubles.  But somehow I always end up back in my favorite chair, stitching.  One stitch at at time.  It was really my favorite part of my quilting phase, too, the hand-stitching of the binding or quilting the layers.  There is nothing like a little bit of hand-stitching that sets the soul right.

Most of my stitchy projects start out in my doodle journal.  And many of them begin even earlier on a cocktail napkin at happy hour or on a bank deposit slip while I wait for the traffic light to change, and then make it to my doodle journal.  It's an evolution.  Eventually the ones I really like, I then deem stitch-worthy and I copy them onto linen, then stitch in my favorite penny candy colors.

I haven't decided if this one will end up a pillow or a tote or...what.  It's a nice size 10ish by 10ish, so there are some lovely options to ponder.  If you're feeling stitchy, I've just loaded this pattern onto my Etsy shop.  It makes for a lovely diversion from housework. 

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Jennifer said...

Tammy everything you are doing makes my heart go thump!!!!beautiful needle work!!