Sunday, January 15, 2012

Joggle Me This

Oh, I've got some fun classes coming up over on!  Barb does such a great job over there.  If you've never taken a Joggles class, come on over and join in the fun.

On schedule for me this winter are three classes.  Two are back by popular demand, and one all-new class.

Starting January 26th is Treasure Nests.

I call it nesting; that urge to surround myself with all of my little treasures and all the things I love.

These sweet little nests are made from scraps of your favorite fabrics, bits of yarn, and then embellished with your wonderful tiny treasures. After that, use them to store your crafty doo-dads, hold your jewelry, or sit on your coffee table with a stack of love notes and colorful postcards. Treasure Nests are the perfect little happy place to showcase your bits and baubles and to stash your goodies.

Each student will leave class with one completed Treasure Nest, brightly colored and embellished with lots of your fun little treasures.

 On February 16th, In Stitches will begin.

There is something so meditative and zen about sitting down with a bit of hand-stitchery. I love the rhythm of the needle going in and out through the fabric. In this class, we’ll create a wonderful stitchery sampler that you’ll be able to refer back to for future embroidery projects. So much better than referring to a book or website, don’t you think? Plus, you’ll leave class with a beautiful piece of handwork that you can display in your home or studio.

Tammy will demonstrate simple stitches, and share techniques about how to layer stitching with other embellishments to create interest in future projects. This is a great class to learn basic embroidery and embellishment techniques, or to limber up your stitching fingers if they’ve been out of commission for awhile.

Lesson One: Stitch-by-Stitch
Basic embroidery stitches, techniques, and a bit of color theory.

Lesson Two: Adding Layers
Why stop at stitchery, when there are bits and baubles and other lovely things to add to our stitchery samplers.

And then my new class, An Artful Journal, will begin March 1st.

This class is scheduled to begin on March 1, 2012.

Whether you're a novice, have some journal experience, or are even a seasoned keeper of a journal, this three lesson class will give you some brand new jumpstarts to begin your journalling experience, or to enhance the skills you already have.

I will share a personal art journal page or two at each lesson. Additionally, I'll share tips and tricks for creating your own unique art journal that is sure to inspire you.

My own journalling practice began with cutting pretty pictures out of magazines or picking up little treasures from my everyday adventures and pasting them into a book to document all of those easily forgotten details that make up my life. My art journals have become a quiet refuge and a safe place to test new ideas, reflect, create my dream lists, and be oh, so very philosophic about the meaning of life.

I hope you'll join me for a lot of creativity, a dose of sage advice, and some pretty things to look at.

For more information or to register, click here.  

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