Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feeding My Soul

It's finished. 

I love it. 

It will be the perfect talisman for 2012 to hang in my studio.

I'm going to quilt and bind it, give it a little sleeve for hanging.

 What are you stitching these days?


Cassie said...

I absolutely love it:) Your new studio looks fantastic too - my space is still at your "before". I keep trying, you have inspired me to get organized! Have a Blessed week.

Rebecca said...

beautiful, tammy!

julie collings said...

the little spring buds and leaves look enchanting...
wish i had something pretty to stitch right now.

Tammy Gilley said...

Thanks so much, everyone. I loved working on this one. Have just gotten an idea for a new sampler to start tonight. Stay tuned... :)