Monday, January 2, 2012

Cooking up the Good Life

Oh, I just love new beginnings.  I'm not much of a resolution-maker, but I do embrace the idea of a clean slate.  The first part of the new year always finds me looking back on the previous year, and dreaming dreams for the new year.  This year is no different.  (And, frankly, I'm glad to get 2010 behind me.  A few bumps in the road there, better left behind.  Way, way behind.)  But this new year feels full of promise.  I am simply bursting at the seams with new ideas.  And they are all stemming from a mantra I've had in my little pea brain for several months: feed my soul.  The phrase just kept reverberating in my mind.  I found I was making decisions first by asking, "does this feed my soul?"

I remember last January, Rebecca chose a word for the year that would sustain her and keep her steadfast in her goals.  I also remember loving the idea at the time.  The memory of her post came back to me while we were at the beach last week, and inspired me to come up with all of the ways I could incorporate the "feeding my soul" mantra that I've been chanting for a few months.

And, oh! so.many.ideas.  I filled and filled journal pages with ideas.  And then I started stitching.  It was so dreamy with my chair facing the big bay window overlooking the ocean, all curled up with my needle and threads, stitching up a small art quilt to hang in my studio that would remind me how I want to feed my soul, and to bring doses of artsy goodness to other creative souls, all year long.  It's all percolating right now, getting all happy in it's little hot pot.  What have you got cooking in your creative life for 2012?  Do tell.


Sandra L. said...

Wow--you get to see the ocean from where you live? Oh, that is a dream come true!

I like your mantra very much. If I had to choose one for 2012, it would be "Does this contribute to peace?" Not just my personal peace, but world peace, community peace, the peace of others with whom I live. I will be blogging later about my New Year's resolutions, such as they are, so check in if you would like to see!

All the best, XOXO

susie said...

My Gosh Tammy I too have so many ideas cooking. I can't wait to get it all together and share and see where it all goes. I love new beginnings.
It must be so nice to sit and view the ocean while creating. I love when I get to do that!

Happy New Year,
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