Monday, January 23, 2012

C'est Fini

So.  It took a bit longer than anticipated, and was all-consuming for about two weeks, but IT IS FINISHED!  My new and much improved studio feels so tidy, and organized, and like I can actually  Huge!  All last fall, it just sort of became a dump-off zone, until literally, I could not get more than a foot beyond the doorway.  (Hanging my head in shame here.)

Just to remind you, here are the horrifying "before" photos.

But now?!  It's a veritable paradise.  I have a little corner to sit and stitch.

My space is creativity-inducing.  Everything now has a place.  Yahoo!

 I've got my worktable for painting and journal-making.

 I arranged my desk so that I can look out the window while I work.  Bliss.

 My cutting table for quilting and applique and other stitch-y goodness.

And I have all of my goodies hanging about - lots of inspiration and eye candy.  Lots more photos over here.

Speaking of fabric, I purged my stash.  I've sort of been heading in a new direction with my art, so my fabric needs have changed.  I have completely de-stashed and am selling cram-packed medium-sized  USPS Priority Mail boxes full of fabric.  Each box is $30, which includes shipping.  You can get a box of fabric goodness delivered right to your door.  And this is the.good.stuff.  Fabric that was too special to give away when I last de-stashed my stacks.  Sizes are usually 1/4 yard or less, perfect for small quilts, collage, mixed media, and the right touch of fabric texture or color to make your work sing.  Mostly cottons, but vintage barkcloth, brocades, and more included.  At this point, I'm not sure how many boxes there are, so if you're interested, please email me at good2btlg(at)comcast(dot)net and I'll put you on a first come-first-served list.  Let me know if you want a specific color mix, or if want me to put together a lovely assortment for you.

One note:  this is for US shipping only.  But.  I'd be tickled pink to ship a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope to Canada and beyond for the same $30, though.


Anne D said...

Well done!

Ornery's Wife said...

So pretty. It looks like that must have been quite an undertaking, but kudos for getting it done!

Love the view from your window--very inspiring.

Sequana said...

Good Job!

Did I miss Heartstrings hanging there somewhere?

Sandra L. said...

Tammy: Congratulations! You deserve a lot of credit for reorganizing your studio. I am thinking of doing mine, after reading Julia Fei-Fan Balzer's posts during organization week (Jan. 9-12).
I'm in the middle of organizing my fabric, myself. I'm wrapping pieces of it around cardstock and putting it in clear boxes so I can see what I have w/o having to dig through it.
I find the biggest challenge to be having an open table space where I can actually make something. I tend to put works-in-progress or UFOs on the table, where they sit and languish for weeks.
If you've got any tips on how to keep a clear spot for creating, please pass them along!
Thanks for this great post. And hey, no reason to hang your head in shame. :)