Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Hey, thanks for visiting on my birthday! 

Two fabric poufs, two glass jars of pink and orange baubles.

So, I just realized that a few days ago I promised you a chance to win something today, as we continue the celebration, but I forgot to tell you what  Oops!  (I can be so impaired.  Speaking of aging.  Ack!)

A tinsel-y Christmas tree ornament.

Well, I've put together a collection of orange and pink goodness!!  Every bit of it handmade and hand-picked by me.

A tube of magic, tied up with an orange ribbon and pink flowers.

I have been organizing my creative space, and as I was organizing, I thought it would be really fun to pick my two favorite colors, pull a little assortment together, and send it off to a new home. 

A box of fifteen notecards...made by yours truly.

Look at all this loot!  All for one of you sweet readers.

A mini-art print.

How do you win, you ask?

Orange and Pink Goodness

Easypeasy.  Simply leave a comment here, with your favorite birthday story.  It could be your birthday story, a child's birthday story, a friend's birthday story, whatever you want to share. 

A glass pendant.  I actually have mine hanging from my rearview mirror!  Fun!

It can be a sweet story, a funny story, an embarrassing story...again, whatever!  Just leave it here before November 14th.

A close-up of a pouf and the jars of baubles, buttons, and beads.  Oh my!

Won't it be fun to read all of them?! 

Stitched detail on the pillow.

On November 15th, I'll share my favorite birthday story with you, draw a winning story, and announce the winner here.  Fun!

Detail of the art print.

Thanks for stopping by on my birthday.  What a gift.

More pillow detail.  All hand-stitched.


Ornery's Wife said...

Oh, what a lovely birthday gift! I LOVE pink and orange together!

Here is my birthday story:
When my husband turned 30 on December 30th, we lived across the street from a guy who turned 31 on 12/30, and his best friend (who did not live close, but in the same town) turned 32 on 12/30!

The wives (that would be ME!) got together and planned a little party at a very exclusive restaurant. I baked a heart shaped carrot cake and drizzled all different colors of frosting on it. I bought gold and silver helium balloons and took them with the cake to the restaurant that afternoon so our table was decorated before we arrived.

Sitting at each of the "birthday boys'" places was a gold paper crown. All three of the men wore them throughout dinner. We laughed and carried on throughout the meal, but the rest of the patrons were very quiet and solemn.

Since their birthday fell so close to Christmas, none of the men had ever had a real celebration like that on "the day" so they all felt really honored and special.

That was over 20 years ago, and Ornery, who doesn't really appreciate being in the spotlight, says it was one of his favorite birthday memories.

I wish YOU a very happy birthday today, and hope your year is blessed with peace, joy, abundance and love!

Ornery's Wife said...

Oh, and I blogged about this at Zoe Cottage, but I didn't do it right to create a link below. Just so you know! :)

Jeanne said...

I'm a day late, but that doesn't mean I can't still wish you a happy, happy birthday! I hope you did something fabulous to celebrate.

My favorite birthday was the day that my sweet daughter (now 28 yrs old) was born. How glorious it was to finally hold her and see that sweet face looking up at me. She turned out to be so much like her daddy, which is even more special to me now that he is gone.


Writing Hood said...

Hi Tammy! I love all of the color combos in your post! My favorite birthday story is from last DH of 27 years actually forgot my birthday! Thank goodness the girls remembered! Yes, I will tease him about it forever!!

Sandra L. said...

Dear Tammy: I am sorry--I missed your birthday!

I hope it was really a good one.