Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Artful Journal

 Every morning, once the coffee's brewed and the dog has piddled, I cozy in for  bit of writing in my journal.  It's a time of the day that I look forward to a lot.  The house is very quiet, the sun's not quite up.  I love having all of the curtains open and watching the day begin.

 I write out my daily to-do list.  I write about the dream I had the night before.  I write out quotes that I love.  Mostly, I just love writing whatever pops into my head and just blah-blah-blah-ing about it.  From that, very often, springs something fun.  A new stitchery idea.  Blog post fodder.  And, some days there's just really nothing.  Just a lot of patter and rambling. 

 I started adding little doo-dads and images and phrases to my journal this summer.  I don't know why this didn't dawn on my years ago, but what are you gonna do?  So, now, I have all of this inspiration on each page, which will also give me something to write about.  If nothing else, it's pretty to look at while I'm sipping coffee.

 This is one of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes.  It goes into every journal I start.

 This is what I wish my desktop looked like.

 I think I've shown you some of these pages before, but this one especially I love.  I don't know where I got this postcard, but it makes me happy.  I love all of those curvy women!

 And sprinkled throughout my pages are good reminders for me. 

 I've also created some of my own doo-dads from artsy tidbits I have in my stash.  They give me a place to write something that I want to be able to see later as I flip through past pages.

 I just affix them to my pages with a bit of decorative tape or ribbon, giving the pages some layer and texture.  Yum.

 Sometimes I just glue in a glassine envelop and put a decorated shipping tag in there.  I've stamped "note to self" on this one, with one of my little "reminders to self". 

 Remember the pop-up books from when we were kids?  That's what these remind me of.  Little hidden treasures and secrets in my journal.

 I make up a bunch of these doo-dads, so they'll be "at the ready" as I'm creating journal pages.  I don't like to interrupt the creative flow to punch shapes from my vintage ledger pages, or stamp a phrase onto an envelope.  I just want to slap it onto the page and move on!  So, I have a little stash in with my art journal fodder.  Very handy.  I've done a bit of de-stashing, and have got several of my doo-dad packs for sale on my Etsy shop.  Don't forget to use my HAPPYBIRTHDAYTAMMY coupon code at checkout to get your 20% discount!

Happy creating!

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