Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And, we're back...

Are you still out there?  Have you completely given up on me? 

It has been ages and ages since my blog post.  For all I know, I'm talking to myself right now.  Which, really?  Is not all that unusual. 

I guess I just needed a bit of a blog break, a Facebook break, a Pinterest break.  I needed to chill out this summer.  Re-group.  Break away.  I needed to look at what I was doing, what wasn't working, and what was.  I needed some quiet time to imagine the life I really, really want, and then figure out how to make that life come alive.

It feels a bit strange to jump right back into blogging after such a long absence.  It's like bumping into an old friend I haven't seen in a long time.  I'm so happy to see her smiling face, but everything feels a bit awkward, and I feel a little bashful.  I have so much to say to her, but nothing and everything runs through my mind so fast that nothing comes out of my mouth.

So, instead, I think for this first post I'll just say "hello friend, I'm so happy to see you again". 


Paula said...

Tammy-you're back-yay! I've missed your colorful happiness! 'Can't wait to see what you've been stitching and painting!

Jeanne said...

So happy that you are back Tammy!