Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Week and Counting

New work, Happy Happy Home
I can't believe a week from today is the Retreat show!  I feel so fortunate to have been asked to be a part of Deb and Bob's newest venture, because I'm in really good company, and still have to pinch myself.  It is really going to be a fun weekend.  My very favorite (aside from Kip) road-tripper, Christine is coming along for the adventure.  Which sure is convenient, since I'm not sure how I would get all of my gear into Maude-the-Pod, and her SUV will do that quite nicely.  Otherwise, I'd be borrowing my sister's mini-van (aka The Iron Maiden) which, as you know, fits the bill, but is all wrong for my image.  haha

Anyhoo.  Christine is coming over Thursday night to help me pack up, and just hang out.  We'll get Kip to the kennel since my girl is out of town, and hit the road Friday morning.  It's about a 4-hour drive to Camano Island, and we'll arrive mid-day to set up my booth.  My brother, bless his woodworking heart, built me some fabulous 6'x3' panels to hang my paintings from.  They are AWESOME!  I can't wait to get my booth together.  I'll take lots of photos next weekend to share.

Happy Happy Home detail
I really love doing shows and fairs and festivals.  It's fun to see all of my heart's work all pulled together, dressed up, and polished and pretty.  I also love meeting other artists and vendors and all of the wonderful peeps who come to the shows.  It's good to get out of the studio, step out of my comfortable little colorful world, and make new friends. 

Retreat is an antiques and art fair, which is a dream combination for me, since I love, love vintage goodness.  I've found recently that I love painting on old kitchen cabinets and bits of reclaimed wood.  I've got some small paintings on 6" pieces of 10" tall crown moulding which has a really flat surface for the painting, with a decorative top piece.  So, in that respect I feel like Retreat will be a wonderful venue for me, and hope it will be a regular event in my growing show circuit. 

New work, Get Happy, and a messy desktop
 It's always a little scary putting my work out there.  But I really love what's coming out of my paintbrushes and springing from my needle and thread right now, and I think my new assortment will make people smile.  That's my hope anyway.  I've got more photos of my newest paintings over here.

If you're in the Seattle area and decide to venture over for the day, please stop by my booth and say hello.  I'd love to meet you.  Have a great weekend!


Allison Joyner said...

I think the good old sub needs a nickname ;-)

Jeanne said...

Tammy, RETREAT sounds like a great show. I wish I lived closer so I could go! Good luck and have fun :)

amyd said...

Tammy - loved meeting you and seeing your work - you can read all about it at
again - it was lovely!
amy of four corners design

Maija said...

I just saw your sweet face on Auntie Joy's blog!!!