Friday, April 1, 2011


The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.  Emile Zola

A new sketchbook.  It's like new school supplies for me.  All fresh and clean.  Empty pages, full of promise.

I'm working today.  Working at my art.  Doodling some sketches for some new paintings.  It seems the muse has settled in, and there are some new things she'd like me to work on.  Working on my art feels like a daily devotional practice.  It quiets my mind and slows me down.  Even when there are a gazillion new ideas buzzing through my brain.  Only one thing can happen at a time when I'm working on my art.  There is no multi-tasking.  I have to focus on the piece at hand.  And that feels so good.  It's as if all the deadlines, marketing ideas, shop updates, article submissions, class proposals don't matter in this moment.  Because, really?  None of those things can happen without the work of art. 

Sometimes I get myself whipped up into a lather about the things I need to be doing to put my work out there, only to realize that I haven't created any new work to put out there.  So, these rare days when I have a new sketchbook, and a string of unscheduled hours to work in it, feel like a little luxury.

I hope you find a little time today to spend on whatever you're dreaming for your creative life.

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