Thursday, March 3, 2011

Using My Power for Good

Sitting at a stoplight this morning on my way to the gallery, I happened to look to my left, and there on the opposite side of the street was a cherry tree, baaaaaaarelllly beginning to bud out.  Little nubbins of buds created a velvety reddish-pink softness to the tree branches.

When spring begins to show signs that she will be arriving, in her time, I get a little bit wiggly.  (I may have mentioned this once or twice before.  Haha.) 

And all of those new beginnings - budding cherry trees, sprouting daffodils, more birds at the bird feeder - inspire me to begin new things, too.  Projects, sure.  Always.  But I find I want to work on me a little bit, too.  I know that when the day is done, and my head hits the pillow, I will sleep more soundly knowing that the person I was today...

...laughed with someone else.  There’s nothing like a good belly laugh with someone I love to make me giddy and gleeful.  Conversely, a good cry on a trusted shoulder works wonders, too.

...sent loving thoughts to that jerk who cut me off in traffic.  Instead of resorting to my standard M.O. (please don’t make me confess it here), I’ll smile and wave and graciously let him or her chase whatever fire they’re chasing.  I’ll get where I need to be. 

...kept positive thoughts and intentions front and forward, instead of saving them for “when I’m in a better mood”.  Saying yes only to the sources that support my values and my mission.  It’s my choice.  Use my power for good.  Let my light shine.  Don’t let the dummies get me down.

...enjoyed the journey, and didn’t focus on the destination.  I have lots of fun things to do.  I have lots of good things going on.  My focus needs to be there, and not on the longlongpainfullylong to-do list.  This is the journey I have chosen.  I want to enjoy every little bit of it.

Well.  Where did that soapbox come from?  Can you tell that I’m re-framing my perspective these days?  Filling my cup.  Imagining that glass as half-full.  It’s a process.

Hope you have a positively wonderful day, too, and use your own power for goodness.


Cassie Shella said...

Wonderful post! Very insightful and boy did I need it this week. Have a Blessed weekend, hopefully with good wheather:)

Anne D said...

Thanks, I needed that!

Love the heart, too!

Maija said...

I could use an example of living from you! Thanks for the insight and inspiration Tammy!

Juanita said...

I hear ya! Love that soap box.
I recently started driving for Meals On Wheels a few times a week, and it has been a huge attitude adjuster for me. I am SO blessed, even when I tend to think otherwise. Attitude is everything!
Have a blessed weekend!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Howdy from Iowa! Loved this post....what a wonderful reminder to always stay on the sunny side of things! Cheers!