Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I finished the bag

It's a ginormous tote!  Just the way I like them!  I used it the other night when we went out to dinner with friends.  I sat it in it's own chair.  It's that big.  Sadly, I needed to get my glasses out of it, and my friend Tam was between me and The Bag, and when she handed it to me, she didn't lift with her legs, and I fear may have pulled something.  haha

Pocket on back for cell phone and lipstick.  Basic necessities.  Easily accessible.  Extra-wide, padded shoulder strap for comfy-comfort.

Cute hand-stitched daisy chain on front.  Fun!  And I added the black top-stitching after all.  I like it.

I'm calling it the Red Vines Bag, because of the palette and the little flower vine/daisy chain. 

 Oh, there's nothing like a new bag to give one a cheery outlook on life. 


Anne D said...

Applause, applause, I love it!

Dori said...

I love that bag! It is so happy! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow-It's perfect! Really love the strap too.
happy Spring!-cOnNie