Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Be Fresh!

Or.  Do.  Be fresh.  Like these colors.  Fresh, fresh, bright and fresh.  I finally got around to my little flour sack towel project.  I've had the stripes and trim (another piece from my grandmother's's no wonder we got along so famously - she had fabulous taste in trims!) stitched onto the towel for a couple of weeks.  Then the whole thing sat patiently, longingly on my little table until I could come back to it.

 I wonder if you can guess what's going on here. 

Everything I'm working on these days seems to be in this palette - very springtime-y.  And my motifs are the same...bright, fresh, springtime.  And lots of white. 

I realized that I need to get some new throw pillows onto the sofa.  We bought a new sofa last fall, and the "came-with" pillows are tapestry and finefinefine for fall/winter.  But the whole thing needs a bit of lightening up for spring.  The sofa itself is a caramel color.  I'm trying to figure out what would be pretty on it as throw pillows.  Maybe a bright white set of pillows with appliqued bird's nests and robin's-egg-blue eggs.  I like that color combination and the motif.  I'm just not sure if it's enough color. 

Maybe I'll pair it up with a long skinny strippy pillow in multiple springtime colors.  Oooohh...with a strip of plain linen and a daisy chain like on The Bag.  That could be fun!  Add a few peony-scented candles on tables here and there.  Swap out the flannel quilts for lighter-weight and brightly-colored cotton throws.  Wash the windows.  Let the light and air in in in! 

How do you freshen up your home for spring? 

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