Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Art No.12

Heart Art No. 13 - Oh, how I love a little stitched heart.  Swoon.  The heart is vintage bark cloth.  This is in one of my art journals.  I think I might need to re-create this into a little dood-dad for a sweet little pillow or cheery door hanger.  Wouldn't that be cute?!

Hurrah, lots getting done in the studio!  Had a full day yesterday, which was awesome!  Thought you might like to see what's going on over here...I got out the paints and brushes and papers and glue.  Played with some ideas that have been swirling around in my pea-brain for awhile.  One of the canvases that I'm finishing up is on about its sixth generation of paint layers.  I've had a lot of false starts lately, which has been frustrating.  But yesterday was a good day with the paints and brushes.  I think some good stuff is going on.  Do you get stuck like that, too?  Man, it can be tough to crank through that!

This is one of the pieces I'm working on.  I'm playing with texture and backgrounds.  I'm trying to achieve sort of an aged concrete-y, stucco effect, and giving it a simple focus point.  A little different from the cacophony of color and shapes that I was doing last fall.  Same palette, same feel I think, but a little different.  Does that make sense?

I tried a new gesso that I'm having to get used to.  It's a little slicker (I guess the technical term would be "glossy", but it's slick, there's no getting around it) - anyway, it's slicker after it has dried than the one I was using before, which gave me more of a matte finish.  I think I like the matte finish a little better, but I can make this slick stuff work (I guess I had better, since I have a whole tub of it!  Who knew gesso wasn't gesso wasn't gesso, right?)

I've been so creatively befuddled lately, but something shifted yesterday, and it felt really good to be painting.  I think I sort of let go of the outcome, and just enjoyed the process.  Which is always the right thing to do, but sometimes I forget.  Things get forced.  And then painted over.  In the end, though, I think I'm going to wind up with some pieces I really like.

In other news, I've been invited to be a vendor at Retreat Vintage Market on Camano Island on June 25th.  Super fun!  Super excited!  I've started working on my list of vintage-y, crafty goodness that I want to create, I've sketched out my booth already (must get to Goodwill for some sheer white cotton, tab-top curtain panels), and am really jazzed about this show.  It's orchestrated by the Diva herself, Deb Kennedy and her husband, Bob.  Love them!  I'm excited to show you what I'm planning for the show, as things begin to come together.  Until then...back to the paint brushes.  Have a great Saturday, y'all!

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Stacy said...

I like the red with white polka dot teaser. I love your site. Good luck with the upcoming shows. And thank you for posting a link to my blog.
Stacy M