Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart Art No. 16

Heart Art No. 16 - I've been stitching.  A.Lot.  I sort of can't stop stitching.  I stitch in the morning before I go to the gallery.  I stitch as soon as I get home.  I stitch all night long.  Hi, my name is Tammy and I stitch.

This is a bit of stitchy goodness on linen.  Yummy yummy linen.  My favorite thing to stitch upon, really.  See the wrinkles?  I'm not pressing them out.  I like them there.  Makes it all wrinkle-y and feel-y.  The blue lace is from my grandmother's stash.  Love the color.  Love it.  The heart is a bit of felted pink wool.  Love that, too.  I am loving mixing up textures and fibers...linen and cotton and wool, oh my!  Even a bit of brocade under the mother-of-pearl buckle-y thing.  Gives the piece some fun places for the eye to go, and some wonderful spots for the fingers to linger.  Very tactile, indeed.

I took a little break from hearts to stitch this.  Believe it or not, I saw my first cherry trees in bloom the other day.  Just two, and barely blooming, but still.  It counts, right?  Spring is comint, is it not?  Eventually?  Anyway, in homage to those early bloomers, I stitched this.  Pretty.Pink.Bloomers.  'Nuf said.

Hope you're finding little miracles in your day that are announcing the coming of spring.  And if you're still stuck under a snow drift, I hope you've got lots of cocoa in the pantry.  xo


Kwiltz by Stephanie said...

I am feeling the love with heart art! And..I LOVE that cherry tree! Hoping for some snow this weekend here in Seattle, then, on Tuesday, spring is more than welcome!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh my, oh my, your cherry tree is fabulous!

Added another heart to my blog, as well: