Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart Art No. 1

How is it possible that it is already February?  Seriously.  I do love February, though, for all the things it brings with it: the possibility of spring right around the corner, days that stay light later than 5pm, chilly enough weather that I can still wear my favorite boots, and of course, Valentine's Day.  And you know my propensity for hearts.

So, I thought I'd create a piece of heart art each day from now through the end of February to share with you here.  Hey, why don't you join in the fun?  You don't have to do it daily, if that teeters on the heart-y overload for you.  And it doesn't have to be a heart you created.  It can be a heart-shaped rock, a heart lovingly "painted" into the foam of your cappucino at your corner coffee house, a Valentine you're sending to a secret love.  Whatever.  Let's just get some hearts out there and share some love.  We'll have a virtual love fest this month.  Doesn't that sound fantastic??!! 

My heart today is one I created a while back, part of a larger art quilt that's not quite finished.  It's completely hand-stitched - which is why it's not finished.  I have a tendency to get into a project like this for awhile, then get uninspired or bored and put it away for later.  But it seemed like the perfect piece to jumpstart "A Heart A Day". 

Have a lookie-loo around your corner of the world, and see where you heart is.  Then spread the love.  Can't wait to see!

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Sandra L. said...

Wow, I like this idea! I hope I can keep up with it, though! As it's officially Groundhog Day right now, I shall have to present today's heart tomorrow.